The Ultimate Waterman 2016

Aerial filming jobs are always exciting, and offer us the opportunity to work as part of a new and dynamic team during any given event.

The Ultimate Waterman is a fantastic Surfing event that we’ve been very pleased to be part of in the past two years.  Showcasing International talent across a variety of disciplines, the competition spans New Zealand, and is played out in the true spirit of ‘the search’.
The competition’s location is governed by weather and surf conditions on any given day, leaving no spot in New Zealand out of bounds – and using the entire New Zealand coastline ‘as an arena’. Event officials determine the locations of the day’s event the morning of, and competitors will travel to make the most of the best surf.
This year, we’re providing aerial support from the remote Southland Coast and with a bit of luck, on the Fiordland Coast.  A job like this requires good communication between pilot and camera crew, as well as input from those on the ground.  Capturing that perfect shot means getting in close, and allowing the camera crew to capture every second of the action.


The footage captured will be aired on RedBull TV and viewed by an estimated 40 million people in the USA alone.

The scoop from The Southern Coast segment can be found here.

Intro image ref: Fairfax Media


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