Tall Tales and Candle Light

Mustering Huts are intrinsic to New Zealand’s High Country landscape. Like many rural stations across the country, Minaret Station is home to countless such shelters, each rich in history and in various states of repair.

There’s something quintessential about a night spent in a high country hut.  The ritual of preparing a warming meal over a crackling fire; ambling your way through the best part of your favourite whiskey, and sharing tales from a day in the hills over candle light.  It’s the stuff of life-long memories.  Beit with friends, family or travelling companions, there’s beauty in such simplicity.

We’ve chosen a select few to carefully restore, all with the purpose of sharing the experience with our guests. Showcasing their original rustic charm, the huts provide an authentic back country hide away.

Last week we hosted a party of guests visiting from the Australia at our much loved Bay Burn Hut. How better to spend the last evening in June than enjoying a slap-up dinner cooked over the fire and a few tall tales by candle light?!

Enquire about an evening spent in one of Minaret Station’s Mustering Huts by contacting our Reservations Manager here.

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